Darrell at writer's focus group

Darrell Newton is the author of speculative science fiction short novels and stories based on current research in science and engineering.  The Avar-Tek Events provide technical background for the Avar novels.  Firesmyth Press will publish The Apprentice Stone in November 2017.

Darrell NewtonIn addition to published works on Amazon, he has published several stories in the on-line magazine Deep Magic, and in two anthologies, Deeper Magic: The First Collection and Deeper Magic: The Second Collection. He received a reader’s choice award for his short story Cohesion Lost.

Born in Simi Valley, California, Darrell attended 12 different schools until he finished high school on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. He returned to the States and after 11 years in college, graduated with two degrees, one in Electrical Engineering.  He is currently working as an electrical engineer, robotics programmer, landlord, and father of seven. Sometimes he even writes a thing or two.

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