The Apprentice Stone - coverThe Apprentice Stone

Book 1 of The Shadows of Time Series
eBook – Novel

In Medieval Spain, when Christians and Moors fought for both land and the hearts of men, Francisco escapes from his drunken uncle. Orphaned on the streets of Toledo, Francisco has nothing more than the clothes he wore and the family’s most prized possession: a simple stone with mystic powers that heals everything. But he must keep it secret and hurt no one, less he reverse its powers.

Since 3188 BC, the surviving soldiers from a future time war have fought among themselves and altered Earth’s history in the guise of gods or in the cover of shadows. The Key’ari consider the Earth timeline a fresh chance to correct the errors of alternate histories, and they intend to manipulate it in hopes of creating a utopia. The other faction, the Sittiri, fear that continued intervention will further disrupt the continuum and destroy the galaxy.

As the Key’ari threaten to overrun the outnumbered Sittiri, the Sittiri discover that Francisco is the answer to prophesy and could end the war. Each faction strives to recruit him without killing him or ripping time apart.



The Apprentice Stone - chapter header     “You treat healing worse than a whore. I’ll never give you the stone.” Papa gave his quiet words the sharp edge of brittle steel. He held the door open a crack and wedged his boot under it so Uncle Bernat could not enter. If papa spoke any louder, the other peasants might hear, and then the rumors would start, and Papa would have to find another sponsor. Francisco and his parents would have to move again for the fifth time in five years.

     Francisco placed a reassuring hand on his father’s shoulder. He respected his father in all ways, except how he let his brother lead him around like a bull on a nose ring. Still, Papa didn’t let Uncle Bernat in this time. He said ‘no,’ and Francisco allowed himself a little hope. This time it will be different.

     “Then at least come with me,” Uncle Bernat said; his words came with an odor of stale beer. “I promise not to touch it. I won’t even look at it.”

     Papa stood, unyielding.

     “You cannot trust him, papa.” Francisco couldn’t keep the anger from his voice…

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