• The Apprentice Stone - cover

    The Apprentice Stone - Sci Fi Novel

    Book 1 in the Shadows of Time Series
    What would you do with a stone that heals anything?
    In Medieval Spain, when Christians and Moors fight for both land and the hearts of men, young Francisco escapes from his drunken uncle. Orphaned on the streets of Toledo, Francisco has nothing than the clothes he wore and the family’s most prized secret: the healing stone.

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  • A Taste of Earth - cover

    A Taste of Earth - Sci Fi Short

    Avar-Tek Event 1
    NASA's Near Earth Asteroid team is tracking asteroid 2027 UX25 when, without explanation, it changes direction and heads for Earth. When they inspect the impact sites, they discover that the meteorite fragments are not what they expect.

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  • Death Has No Shadow - cover

    Death Has No Shadow - Sci Fi Short

    Avar-Tek Event 2
    A military accident releases swarms of microscopic robots called forger nanites into the environment, and science intern Kutisha finds that her lab is their target.

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  • Cohesion Lost - cover

    Cohesion Lost - Sci Fi Short

    Avar-Tek Event 3
    Alexander’s dreams are so vivid, he starts to lose grip on reality. When he finds out they are real, he uncovers a terrorist plot and must stop it.

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My Passion

Have you wanted to make a difference but not know how? You see where the world is headed. You’ve wanted to change it but wonder if it’s even possible. I believe it is possible. A man once lived in a world ruled by a hostile government. The religious leaders in his world turned their message of comfort upside down and poisoned people’s minds. People refused to listen to things about God. They built mental walls against anything religious and tried to put God in a box. The man didn’t talk like the religious leaders. He used stories. The people wanted to hear the stories, and

Darrell at writer's focus group

About Darrell Newton

Darrell Newton is the author of speculative science fiction short novels and stories based on current research in science and engineering.  The Avar-Tek Events provide technical background for the Avar novels.  Firesmyth Press will publish The Apprentice Stone in November 2017. In addition to published works on Amazon, he has published several stories in the on-line magazine Deep Magic, and in two anthologies, Deeper Magic: The First Collection and Deeper Magic: The Second Collection. He received a reader’s choice award for his short story Cohesion Lost. Born in Simi Valley, California, Darrell attended 12 different schools until he finished high school on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. He returned to